If you don't have the budget to shoot traditional videos for your brand that can cost thousands of dollars for just one video, then why not create multiple videos for less or the same money that are shorter, easier to create and suited specifically for social media?

What's the catch? There is none...

At KargesMedia, we wanted to find a way to make more than just the traditional promotional video that represents your business. You know, the one that sums up all that you are, with someone talking or doing something interesting, some b-roll, and some music, and it works great for what it does.

But what about telling the details of your business? The smaller, tiny details that you strive to get right and your customers count on? We don't care if you serve pizza, haircuts, promotional t-shirts, organic goods, or if you fill a need other than a retail item, what about telling those details?

The reality is that the 'one' video approach can't do it all for every brand and company. And in this fast-paced world, statistics are telling us that in order to be successful and move ahead of the competition, you need to put MORE content out REGULARLY on SOCIAL MEDIA.

That's why we created our VIRAL VIDEO packages, which is essentially our regular video production business, but shoved down the tunnel of a quicker, lighter and faster moving production for modern times.

SOME examples!


  • Multiple crew members (producer, director, cameraman, gaffer & grip, audio engineer, production assistant)
  • Full days of shooting time
  • More elaborate production and setup
  • Fancy camera moves (dolly track, crane arms, stedicam, drone shots, etc)
  • Additional lighting (this means huge trucks show up with tons of cool goodies)
  • Days and/or weeks in editing room


None of these elements are outdated. They're awesome tools and services for telling stories and making great content. But if your company or brand doesn't need all this, then it is wasted time, energy and money.



  1. All your footage is captured in one day
  2. All your videos are edited in one day
  3. Cameraman serves as video and audio person
  4. We utilize available light
  5. Most videos are shot handheld
  6. You choose the music from our provided options
  7. We edit all your videos as we see them to be edited. We love our editors to death, and they're amazing at their jobs. So we leave it to them. We will, of course, make any changes if anything is misleading to your customers.
  8. All videos are 15 seconds in legnth


Call or email us today if you'd like to talk more about our viral videos. We'd love to hear from you


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